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Choosing the Right SEO Company

Choosing the right SEO Company for any website can be a painstaking task. There are now thousands of web designers and seo firms offering search engine optimization services.Some companies are large and offer numerous services by their employees. Others are smaller and offer hands on promotion by a single expert. Both ways can provide you with a quality SEO service.

All websites need to be found in the search engine results pages both by pay advertising such as Pay Per Click services: Overture and Google Adwords. These two services will cover 90% of all searches by focusing your site onto Google, Yahoo, Aol, Netscape, and MSN.

Search engine optimization is a skilled services provided by many web designers and SEO companies. Most SEO's can get a site ranking within a few months creating dramatic ROI's for their clients by bring them traffic from the search results.

VoltaPublishing.com believes that you can find good SEO services starting in the low thousands to several thousand dollars. Most SEO service providers will bring results. However there are a few that will use tactics that can hurt a site and penalize it the search engines. So it is important to research your SEO and their practices carefully. Avoid SEO's that mention Doorway Pages, Cloaking (feeding the search engine spiders one page and human visitors a different page), demanding that their link be on every page of your website (this should be optional) and strange or questionable link partner strategies that actually offer low quality and recently banned links.

Google has listed several things to look for when selecting an SEO, and with a little extra research into the company you can also make an educated decision.

Finding the right SEO Company can take a great deal of time. Trial and error is a more costly approach. If you found an service that did not work or caused your site more harm then good, be sure to disclose information to your new SEO. You new SEO will have the opportunity to fix what your previous SEO did wrong.

Here's a few tips from us:

1) Find an SEO who does not interlink all its clients.
In other words when you go to one of their clients websites there are no links to other clients of the SEO. This is bad practice used today by some of the highest ranking SEO companies so be wary of them.

2) Find an SEO with Proven Results.
Take a look at how their clients rank for the keywords the SEO targeted. For instance go to the clients website and look at the title. Type the title or the keywords used in the title into Google and check the results to see if you can find that client in the results pages, preferably at the top.

3) Do a backlinks check.
type "link:www.TheWebsiteInQuestion.com" into Google and see if there are other clients linking to other clients. This is bad practice because the sites are usually not related, and may be removed when you stop paying the SEO.

4) Request a proposal and see the quality of the response.
Was their presentation planned or just thrown together. This can be a sign of the quality of their services. Compare estimates and the presentation to get a good idea of what each company has to offer.

5) Read Google's info for webmasters for more advice.

5) Search Engine Ranking Software can help.

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