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Choosing the Right Domain Name : Are expired domains worth a dime?

The first step in building a website is to select the right domain name for your site. This can be your name, your company name, or a nice catchy name that people will remember easily.

If the spelling of your name or your company name is difficult, or not an easy name to remember, then you need to consider an alternative. A short form (nickname) is one alternative, another is to choose a different name, something catchy or sticky. Take Google for instance. The name spread by word of mouth. It was different. Everyone asked what?, but no one forgot it. When they went home they remembered to type www.google.com into their web browser...and word of mouth just kept spreading.

Deleted Domains
How to BackOrder a Domain

An alternate approach to a domain name is to buy is to backorder a domain. A backorder can be done by several online services including: POOL, SnapNames, NameAlert , Namewinner and ExpireFish.

A backorder will monitor the status of any website and alert you to when it will be expiring. The companies mentioned above offer services that will try and capture the domain when it expires.

We have found Pool.com, SnapNames, and Namewinner to win the most domains, of these Namewinner has an unfair bidding limit, that takes several days to get raised, but they do win domains often, so be sure to contact them to up your limit at least 3 business days before the domain name deletion date if using Namewinner, don't bother on a weekend there is no one there.

ExpireFish and NameAlert do not have the stable of registrars that the other domain backorder services have, decreasing the likelihood they will capture the domain.

If you must grab the domain then you should get an account at all service providers, this will increase the likelihood that you will win your domain. Remember, you are competing against companies that will pay well more than what a domain name is worth, so they can try and resell it for an unreasonable amount of money.

Even the name you think will not be captured by anyone else could be highly sought after. So never think you're the only one after the domain. There are hundreds of domain resellers that try and track other backorder stats to see which domains may be valuable. If they win they will only sell the domain for a large price tag.

The only benefit to backordering a domain name is that you can get the domain name you always wanted if the previous owner no longer uses it. If you are buying a domain because it is already listed in Yahoo or Dmoz, think again, these links often do not last, some are paid for. You will need to update the domain and hope you meet the ever increasing and quality controlled standards of the directories. Just as our directory has very high standards for website listings.

The Problem with Backordered Domains & Why NOT to use them

Deleted domains are currently the worst way to but a domain, as a matter of fact. It can seriously hurt any company trying to start a business if they use deleted domains. Here's why:

When a domain expires Google automatically puts a PR 0 on the domain and removes it from the index. This particular PR 0 actually stays on the domain for longer that any new site would be put in the so-called "Google Sandbox." So in effect the domain name you couldn't wait to get is actually hurting you and you may not know it. No person at Google has done this to you, it is a timed auto-ban and removal of crediting of any backlinks the sites name may have on other websites.

Some deleted domains are formally used and were banned from Google before hand by a few individuals that buy websites and backorder domain names to get traffic for FindWhat and Other PPC programs. This is also a failure and reason not to use small PPC search companies. These small companies allow webmasters to use whatever dirty, and we mean dirty, search tactics to make a buck off your listings.


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